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Meet Samson! The sweetest, biggest LOVE ever! This guy is the total versatility package. Samson has won in Traditional Dressage, he's undefeated in Western Dressage, he's won at Obstacle Course Competitions and in Hunt Seat in Open Shows! He's VERY Brave on the trail and will literally cross fire for you! There is literally no obstacle this horse won't cross (that we've come across anyway). He's comfortable to ride and is responsive to rider cues and aids. He's a push style ride for sure, but not lazy. There's plenty in the tank if you every want more. Never hot or reactive. This is the kind of horse that can sit for 1 or 2 weeks (or more I'm sure) and then you can hop on bareback in a halter. I haul this guy nearly every weekend to a horse show, lesson, clinic or trail ride and he's always up for whatever adventure is next. The best thing about this horse is his personality. He's so sweet and thoughtful. Just the kind of horse you fall instantly in love with. He has a big heart and big personality! Feel free to contact us for more information! Call or Text: 214-566-9775 or email:

Intro Level show winner with additional wins in Equitation and Suitability. Schooling leg yields, shoulder-ins and travers!  

High Point Division Champion and currently undefeated in Western Dressage!  

Open Show winner in Hunt Seat Under Saddle and Equitation!!

Equestrian Trail Sports (ETS) Obstacle Course Division Winner!! Not to mention, Samson LED a group over FIRE at the 4Shepherds Desensitization Clinic! Plus he's a star with all other natural and man-made obstacles - teeter totters, bridges, mattresses, horse-sized steps, tires, logs, gates, tarps, you name it! 

Wonderful trail mount. Exceptional Solo horse. I've hauled this horse by himself to West Texas for a solo trip. It was AMAZING! He didn't even flinch when deer jumped out in front of us! I flinched, but he was solid! Perfect horse to 'pony' others. Marches right through water, into lakes, by wildlife, hog traps and other hazards. He loves to lead on trails. He does o.k. following, but really prefers leading the way!

Samson is probably not destined be the next working cow champion, but that doesn't stop us from having fun!! 

Samson is an ABSOLUTE gentleman on the ground. Very polite, good with space... even at feeding time! Friends and family (with zero horse experience) bath and brush him. He's a total love! A+ in all ground manners: self-loads in the trailer, good with clippers, ties good / no setting back, can step on his rope and doesn't panic, good for bathing, brushing, vet, de-worming paste, farrier, fly spray, easy to bridle and saddle, stands still for mounting, lunges w/t/c, PLUS Samson's liberty work!! No ropes or halters required! Samson LOVES ground work!!  

2003 / Gelding / 15.3hh / Registered with USDF

Overall Health Care...Samson is UTD on shots, floating, coggins, de-worming, farrier, etc. He is due for Spring shots in a month or so, which we will take care of. He requires no maintenance and his sound. He's never taken a lame step. He has good hoofs, but due to his size, needs to be trimmed every 4 weeks. He's comfortable barefoot unless on a super rocky trail in which case I put hoof boots on his front.

In the Pasture... He is great in the pasture does good with other herd mates (mares and geldings). Samson has been pastured with goats and is used to dogs. He is the leader in our herd, and is fair and never abusive or too hard on lower ranking herd members. He's kept out 24/7 in good weather and stalled during storms. 

He's an Escape Artist...He does great in any kind of fencing except electric fence that is not turned on! Ha! He is a bit of an escape artist and loves to find ways to open gates. He thinks it hilarious and usually finds a way to let out his buddies too. Double locks may be required!

Feeding... he is currently on pasture and is offered free choice hay. He gets about a teacup of grain to keep him satisfied when others are fed.

The Only Thing That Rattles His Cage... I can't recall a time when this horse has ever spooked. I believe all horses are capable of it, he's just not a 'spooky' type horse and not prone to it. I've put everything in front of this horse and he just doesn't care. The only thing that unsettles him is horse show / type environments. I believe since he's a leader, he tries to keep up with where all of the horses are. The coming and going of all of the horses frustrates him and causes anxiety. At shows, I give him Grand Meadows calming paste and then he's 100% perfect... just like at home. All ingredients in GM paste are exempt from any FEI restrictions and meets competition requirements. I've never given Samson anything more, nor does he need it.

GHH Ownership... we have owned Samson since August, 2015. I had a PPE done at the time of my purchase and I'm happy to share those records as well as all vet and show records.

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