Equine Proper Beginnings


Lessons: Our Horse or Your Horse!

  • Haul-In Lesson: $50
    • Want to haul your horse in for a groundwork or under saddle lesson? Come on over!
    • We'll try to maximize your time and your trip, with each lesson lasting typically 1 to 2 hours

  • Baby" Lessons with Our Horses: $35
    • Weanling & Yearling Groundwork Lesson: $35 for about 30 minutes (baby lessons need to be shorter!) or $50 for two baby lessons

  • Riding Lessons with Our Horse: $50

  • Groundwork Boot Camp!
    • Want to come in for a day or weekend and get a crash course in baby / groundwork methods? Come on!  Rates vary based on # of days

  • Clinic
    • Know of few friends who are interested in a groundwork clinic? Let's get together and discuss!

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