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 2018 IALHA / Andalusian Filly, 'Emperatriz' (aka 'Cricket') 

Cricket is about the sweetest, calmest filly we may have ever had! What a love!! In addition to an amazing disposition, she is just gorgeous! We're so excited about Cricket and her inevitable successful future!

  • 'Ms. Independent' kidding, Cricket goes anywhere, alone! Hacking out alone under saddle will absolutely NOT be an issue with her. Cricket is going for SOLO hand-walks off property and out of site from her herd mates. She has no issue leaving her buddies behind and actually, seems to really look forward to our walks. The dogs always come too, jumping in and out of every bush, so she's getting some great off-site experience!
  • Desensitization... So far, Cricket will cross anything we put in front of her! We'll have to take challenge level up a notch!

  • Trail Training... Cricket does amazing being pony'd down the trail!! She does great in deep washouts and really takes her time navigating terrain. No jumping washouts... she just goes nice and slow and finds her footing climbing in and out. We've been practicing in washouts deeper than her (meaning, the ground is above her)... and she does great! She is also obviously, clearly a water baby, so crossing water will not be any issue!

  • Barn Manners... The farrier and vet already love this girl, so she's off to a great start! Best to get the vet and farrier in your corner...another 'star' for Cricket! :) Her standing tied lessons are going great, and with each session, she's standing incrementally longer and longer.

  • Yielding to Pressure... this is the best part! She'll be 100% ready for leg cues as she already is yielding to pressure to pivot on forequarters, hindquarters and she's side passing with no touching required! Just a hand gesture... she is so responsive! She is yielding and flexing her head nicely to vertical and lateral pressure.

  • Liberty Practice... Cricket is doing an awesome job at 'baby' liberty exercises! She's 'mirroring' exceptionally well and really doing an excellent job reading the handler's body language.

  • A Future Dressage Career... Dressage folks take notice, Cricket has a MASSIVE stride length at the walk. She'll no doubt get high marks at the walk, just on stride alone. Plus, her other gaits are fluid and well cadenced. I see glimpses of moves this girl makes and it takes my breath away. She is total star-in-the-making!

Our horses sell extremely fast once they are on the market. If you would like to be contacted when Cricket is available for sale, please send us a message!

More Cricket Videos and Pictures!Text

A Solid Side Pass!

Off-Site & Solo, in a Wash-Out as Deep as Us!! She's a good girl!!

Cricket Discovers the Pond!

Sire & Grand Sires: Duque FP, Revoltoso XXIX & Ebano LII