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Sold! - Honcho - The Perfect Gaited Dressage, Pleasure & Trail Gelding 

Meet Honcho! Honcho is STUNNING 9 year old, 15.2hh gelding registered, 'Gen's Infinite Pride', with the TWHBEA. This guy is the total package. He’s got the looks, brains, training, history and the breeding with World Grand Champions on both sides. Best of all, he’s authentic and natural, traveling barefoot, sound and beautiful!

Offered for Sale: $7,500

Inquiries can be directed to GHH or to Honcho's Trainer, Liz Payne, owner of Sugar Grove Farm 972-922-2935

Under Saddle

Honcho can be ridden either English or Western. He is responsive to leg / seat aids, stops off your seat and moves off your leg. Honcho has a solid start to shoulders-in, haunches-in, leg yielding, turn on the haunches, collection and gait extensions! He'll happily flat-foot walk on a loose rein, GAITS NATURALLY, canters and is great with his leads. He rides in a simple, smooth snaffle. 

Honcho has been enjoyed as a family / pleasure type horse, but with his solid dressage foundation, he could absolutely step into NWHA Gaited Dressage Training Level and clean up! He has such a bright presence, that judges would adore him! Plus, since he’s schooling 1st and 2nd level movements, moving up the levels would be a natural progression for him. He's ready to show and win in either NWHA Traditional Dressage tests or Western Dressage.

Honcho is certainly not limited to a dressage rider / career. His responsiveness and training can be appreciated in any discipline!

New Video added 4/5! Western Under Saddle

Dressage Video

On the Trail

Honcho is a blast on trails! He rides good in the woods or a wide open field. He can go out alone or with a group. He does not get excited by other horses. He'll cross trail obstacles, logs, ground poles and water. You can open gates from his back too! He stays relaxed navigating hills and doesn't rush his rider. Owners trail ride him on-property, so he doesn't have a lot of offsite experience, but this guy is trusting, willing and trainable. He is the ultimate pleasure or show horse!

Around the Barn

Honcho has EXCELLENT barn manners and is a perfect gentleman. He is such a doll! Honcho is quite the people pleaser and LOVES attention. He’s sweet, in-your-pocket (but not pushy) and he just adores everyone. Honcho has no bad habits or vices. He can be stalled or pastured. Good for baths, saddling, bridling, stands tied without pulling back, loads / unloads from the trailer without issue, easy to catch. He lunges W/RW/C. Used to dogs and is the middle-man in the herd.

Background & Care

Owners purchased Honcho directly from the breeder, R&R Ranch in Smithville, AR. There is no mystery or question as to his background or up-bringing. Honcho has never been sick or lame. He has clean legs, great feet and has a clean medical background. He’s received top care including regularly scheduled vaccinations, de-worming and farrier visits. He is UTD on vaccinations and has a current coggins.

More About Honcho

Honcho is a sweet, loveable and talented gelding! He is LOADS of fun to ride, but he is not a beginners horse. He has a sensitive nature and therefore perfect for an intermediate rider. 

Honcho is ONLY for sale because owner can no longer ride due to medical reasons. Honcho has been a wonderful family horse, bringing a lot of joy and happiness to his owner. This was a hard and very sad decision for them, so this is an extraordinary opportunity to buy such a wonderful horse who otherwise would never be listed for sale!

Check out Honcho's album in the Photo Gallery to view his TWHBEA papers & more pics!