Equine Proper Beginnings


Horse Training - Canter
Desensitization Under Saddle
Western Dressage

Core Principles, High Expectations & Results!

 Educated. Responsive. Curious. Thoughtful. Willing. Soft. Engaged.

Here's the truth... we just want to have fun on horse-back.  It's really that simple.  We don't want to ride horses that rob the joy out of riding.  Well, the only way to get there (in our opinion), is to teach them how to control their emotions and what their response should be to what we are asking.  That said, we take training very seriously... because we want to have fun and we don't want to get hurt!  So, from the smallest detail of standing quietly tied, to superb performance under saddle, to maintaining a calm, thoughtful mindset in stressful situations or environments, every aspect of horse-training is addressed.  Our mission statement... no horse training holes! From the ground-up, our horses are encouraged to investigate, problem solve and engage.  Through thoroughness of training and broad exposure to LOTS of stimuli and activities, our horses THINK and participate with the rider, becoming a true partner.  On one of our finished horses, you can attend a show one day, trail ride the next, then sort out some cows!  What fun and joy we can have on open minded, willing, educated horses!

Lots of pictures and videos below to showcase the true range of training and exposure our horses receive... enjoy!

Compilation Under Saddle Video:

Soft & Responsive... Bridleless

No bridle, no halter and no saddle!

Softness in a halter only

Fine-Tuned,  Controlled & Successful Under Saddle 

Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure
IALHA Andalusian dressage
National Top 5 Hunt seat under saddle
Schooling Trot
western pleasure
leg yield
western dressage
bridleless riding  halter only
Hunt Seat Under Saddle
Draft Cross Dressage

Liberty Work


Tarp Desensitization
Noodle Training
tire obstacle
bombproof horse
horse crossing fire

Competitive Trail , Obstacle Course Challenges & Simply Having Fun!

Horse Crossing Bridge
Trail Ride with Haflinger
horse on the trail in washout


Horse Show Winner - Dressage
Horse showing - Hunt Seat
Dressage Division High Point Winner
horse show winner
Year End Champion

Overall Exposure... cattle, goats, llamas, dogs, cars, 4-wheelers... you name it! 

Lots of Ground Work

Hobble Training
Groundwork Training
Spanish Walk

Jumping... but definitely not serious jumping!

horse jumping
horse jump
horse jumping on trail

More Fun Training Pics!

Horse Show Halter Class
western dressage
horse crossing tires
Crossing Obstacle
Crossing Cones
Western Dressage Competition
horse with texas flag
horse show
team penning cow sorting
horse with flare
trail ride with llama
trail riding
molly mule crossing tarp
groundwork schooling
Mare at Clinic
horse show with santa
horse training
traffic safe
hobble training
team penning
horse in water obstacle
horse bowing
draft cross dressage
groundwork schooling
horse crossing bridge
horse crossing matress
dressage trot
western dressage horse show
intro dressage
weanling and yearling
on a trail ride
horse desensitization
horse bowing
western trail class
horse jumping
dressage halt
trail competition
quarter horse
crossing platform
extended trot
horse cantering
bridge crossing
mare with cows
horse show winner
dressage show winner
hunt seat grand champion
ground tying horse
horse steps
horse ponying

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